Journey through my mind


I’m on my way home from Helsinki and since I’m not travelling by plane I have more than enough time to write my very first blog post with! A few days ago we sat down with Jussi and Linda, drank some coffee and signed some papers regarding this blog and I’m so happy to be a part of this and hope you will enjoy reading my posts!

Actually I’m already stuck in that annoying moment when you have so much to tell and you’re so excited but then you just can write down any of that or don’t know where to start. Since this is the first post I might as well just write everything that comes to my mind about myself so you’ll get to know me a bit.



17.09.1997 I was born in a small town in Southern Finlad, Salo; where I started ice hockey and football. A while later in 2003 we moved to The United States of America, San Diego, California. I started my school in Highland Ranch Elementary School and continued playing ice hockey since football wasn’t that of a thing for me. Later on we moved back to Finland, but this time way more North, to Oulu. I attended school in Oulu International School until I graduated from primary school and continued my studies in college here in Oulu.

In 2012 I attend some well-being classes and got licensed for a well-being coach, after which I attend some trainer classes and in 2013 I was licensed for a trainer. This whole trainer idea and the whole fitness path started in 2012 when I started my recovery on my back

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I had always ignored going to the gym or working out on my free time, but after a few months of going to the gym, doing certain exercises to help my back and noticing that my back is actually getting better; that’s when it hit me. I wanted to be a trainer because even the thought of making someone’s life better with the help of your own knowledge and experience was beautiful. I love helping others, not only at the gym but also outside the gym because I believe that everything you do will somehow pay off in the future. Everyone needs help sometimes.




In the past five years I’ve been doing so many different things and trying out so many sports such as swimming, golf, slopestyle skiing, bmx, ice hockey, tennis, squash and the list just continues. In bmx and slopestyle skiing I managed to push myself to finnish championship level; in 2012 I qualified 4. in bmx finnish championships. I like to be very active or always have something to do because I don’t like to just sit around all day doing nothing, but don’t get me wrong I do still have days when I just lay in bed, eat and just relax.



I’m an extremely open-minded person and I often like to do very awkward and random stuff, laugh a lot and just enjoy even the smallest things. I tend to always look at the bright side of everything, to turn a negative thing into a positive. Caring for others, that’s what I respect the most in one’s character and I’m always willing to help out people who need help; or just being there for someone who might not even need help. I get along with people very easily nearly always and I’m enthusiastic about meeting new faces and getting to know new people, but sometimes it feels like no else is; this has happened to me a few times that someone texts me or sends a snapchat saying that they saw me somewhere and compliments something, I just often think that why didn’t they just come say hey, but it might also be the Finnish culture; people stay as quiet as possible and just stay in their own social bubble.

I hope you got to know me a bit through this and umm.. don’t be afraid to ask questions, I will be more than pleased to get your comments and that’s all 4 today!


2 kommenttia “Journey through my mind

  • Avatar
    1.12.2015 klo 20:06

    I did read your story and it was great. You have been thru a lot and your attitude is wonderful and positive.

    • Jan-Patrik Andsten
      1.12.2015 klo 22:49

      Thank u! I’m pleased to hear this.



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